Accessing multivariate geospatial data for the African ecosystem is arduous. This is due to serval key factors. This lack of data has slowed down the pace of innovations in developing countries around Africa. Remote Sensing and satellite data have been excellent in providing data users with the needed spatially-referenced data in Africa. However, the more specific spatial data that considers cultural differences and instantaneous conditions have been lacking. Milsat technologies is a geospatial company that focuses on bridging the gap in data that exist in the African space.

Milsat Technologies has developed various systems that understand the range of data that are peculiar to the African geographical space and the best approach to data acquisition. With a team that understands the African terrain and data needs, Milsat technologies look to become the biggest data provider in Africa. Notably, we will not operate with queried secondary data. Rather, Milsat technologies have developed a range of products with innate intelligence about the African terrain.

What do we do?

We are focused on Africa-centric data acquisition, by utilizing flexible and custom models with priority on the accuracy of data. We have a specialized system that can initiate a static and dynamic data visualization process from the geospatial point of view. With Augmented reality and virtual reality products, we will provide big data users a trusted channel to conceptualize the available data sets in Africa

Milsat Products

The Enumeration Pad

The Enumeration pad is a device that focuses on demarcating the study area into polygons of data. It efficiently records the required data sets based on a set of encoded rules. Notably, study areas are often of large spatial extent, the enumeration pad is developed with the intelligence to divide the area into mappable polygons. Through this, several mappers can concurrently work on a study area with an Enumeration pad.


Our nativeGIS product functions as a mobile mapping system (MMS). It delineates the study space with emphasis on spatial events and boundaries. NativeGIS is a software application developed to query spatially referenced data in the study area to produce client-defined results.

Milsat Classroom

We understand the knowledge gap that exists in GIS in the African ecosystem. Hence, the Milsat classroom is designed to teach and enlighten prospective mappers about on-field data acquisition processes. This product is strictly educational and necessary to achieve accuracy. Milsat classroom contains explainer videos and notes that give a picture of the location-based data acquisition process.

Path Tracker

The path tracker is a customized spatial assistant. It is deployed in form of applications and wearables. The wearables are developed with miniaturized sensors that will help users to keep track of locations with the right spatial reference. Path tracker can be incorporated into vehicles to select from a range of options, the best route to access a certain location. We designed path tracker to consistently help users to create reminder of their daily locations and access routes.